I have yet again absolutely and totally forgotten the blog. Or not forgotten as such, just decided to leave it alone. One of those times in life, I think, where things feel stressful enough and any blogging would feel counterproductive. After all, who wants o read about rants.

 I have also been pondering about moving my blog to Blogger, where I have another blog. Maybe make it more coherent, more cohesive and visually more pleasing. I dare not move my journal back to deadjournal where I have a blog, and have had one for years now (2002 – I feel so very old writing that :-D). My blog mainly transcriped my life at University doing an undergraduate degree, and the following life, wondering around aimlessly and having a quarterlife crisis :-).

 This blog, I keep writing it, just random posts here and there. And it doesn’t seem that locical to me for some reason. This blog is disjointed, mainly because my life feels disjointed, as well. I work too many hours. I study. I try to work out what my life is about, deal with problematic ex- friends, wondering about relationships, drinking lots of coffee, trying to survive. But there isn’t much ‘logic’ in it, because there is no logic to my life :-D.

 Hmm. Maybe I do need a change of pace.



..I do like some extremely girly and pretty things

A quik-ish post from me again. Not pressed for time, but in need for sleep, most probably. Turned up for work only to be told that I am doing a nightshift – one day I will learn to keep my phone on me and on, honestly! So now I need to catch a few hours of sleep shouldn’t be too much of an issue, am absolutely shattered at the moment). Then it’s time to force myself up, pop to the medical school library to get some books out for my course, to meet someone for a quick natter, and then off to work for me. Hopefully at that point will also have found out whether I need to go and amend any standing orders due to my rent changing (as the housemate moves out, I will be responsible for the rent until I get someone else to share the house).

 Time is ticking along here quite nicely. At the end of the month it’s time for me to head off for a holiday for a week and a bit, and then it’s time to turn my eye towards a new academic year. And then its onwards to Christmas. Time does fly, definitely so, and hopefully the time will also have something exciting in store for me, at some point 🙂

 Just a quick post. Not because of the lack of time, but because of lack of things to write.

Not that things have not happened. I have just passed my first year at University, which I am extremely happy about :-D. It was quite unexpected, truth be told, and I have already cracked on with the reading for next year to pass the time (and to make my life a tad easier when Uni starts again).

 The main problem for me at the moment is trying to hunt down my battery charger, as the camera batteries are about to die which really doesn’t bode well with any attempts of photography 🙂

‘Dirty Works’, courtesy of Sainsbury’s, where I popped in to buy a pot of coffee..yes, yes, it does look similar to Soap&Glory, we shall see how this’ll fare up ;-).

I love Richie Nickel. And this, it makes perfect sense :-). Enjoy.

And according to the above:

Inspirations: Modern art for lines, simplicity, boldness. Crime movies for edginess, suits, film noir-style.
Decades: 1940s and 1980s, both for lines, a certain power-dressing
People: A tough one. Pre-Pitt Angelina Jolie. Charlotte Rampling. Charlotte Gainsbourg
Designers: Vivienne Westwood. Jil Sander. Calvin Klein.
Base colours: Black and gray
Accent colours: Purple, teal-y colours, blues
Genre: a muted-down alternative, military, biker

My first proper post (for a while, anyway) is about my planned little project of self-improvement/self-torture. I have named it ’31 at 31′, as I just turned 31 and the project is planned to last 31 days (well, indefinitely, but as I will explain in a little bit, the 31 has a significance. Kind of.)

 The old saying goes that forming a pattern takes 30 days and  breaking a bad habit takes 90 days. In about 33 days I am going to head out for a little break from work and hopefully have a relaxing holiday, but before that, the plan is to indulge in a little health kick. God knows I tend to eat helthier food when I am on holiday anyway, so this is a good ‘pre-break prepairer’.

 Doing shifts and studying has definitely taken a toll when it comes to my health. I’ve been riddled with colds and plagues with being tired all the time, and I have decided that it is finally time to do something about it. And swapping gyms to one that does all sorts of classes has also had a significant impact into this decision.
 And so, I have decided to indulge in a kick up the arse from myself, and a general kick up when it comes to fitness and health. I intend to spend a month eating more healthy food. Granted, since this is mainly due to the fact that I am absolutely broke due to a useless housemate who cannot pay her share of the electricity bills (if you’re reading this, bloody well borrow the money from someone, lol – or atleast stop shopping crap and showing it to me  /:-)). So, there is no money for junk food. Or proper food, to be fair. I suspect that I will be spending a month eating porridge and the free soup I can get at the vending machines at work. However, no take-away, no fast food. Lots of water – not a hard task in the heat we’re having.

 More importantly, I intend to take up exercise again properly. As in ‘in the gym’. Sweating, horrific, enjoyable and endorphine-filled. And I intend to post it all in here. Not how well I did, how badly I did, but just how it was, what it was, how did it go in general. it’s only a competition against myself, no-one else.

 So. here I am, at my current University, frantically trying to decide what to do next. I don’t think I want to become a ‘responsible adult’, so am seriously considering doing some further study. And my further I mean another undergraduate degree ;-).

 Some of the readers may know that I have had my heart set in the graduate entry medical degree for a bit, and lo and behold, I have just realized that financially it actually may be a possibility. However, having to do the clicical apritude test this year is not a possibility, so I suspect that I may indeed have to wait until next year to apply, and think of something good to do in the meantime.

 Nottingham Trent University has some cracking courses on fashion and art, so I am considering doing something that I might actually enjoy, and dipping my toe into a pond of superficial frivolity for once.  So I am seriously considering that a bout of UCAS madness will soon commence, and that I will have a look at what is out there for me to do.. or then I might just be a bore and carry on working. My next plan is to pay off my debts and then saver enough money to buy my planned Balenciaga bag. From a shop. In Paris. 😀

 No, nothing dubious or serious, just a morning after my final nightshift. Have an action-packed few days ahead, from online conversing with a friend to meeting someone else for a coffee, and a third person for a drink. On top of that, need to write a letter to get shot of my old gym membership, go to my new gym, pick up a hoodie, clean the house for my landlady’s visit tomorrow, return some shoes, order replacement shoes for the returned shoes, book flights for my holiday next week.. yes yes, it appears to be a busy few days indeed.

 Just wanted to drop by and say ‘I am still here’. I am still alive :-). And I plan on posting, as have plenty of ideas to post, plenty of things to talk about. But not just now, as coffee calls, and then, housework..

 I am currently wasting time at work, adjusting my eBay maximum bids and wondering about new things to get (the eye is on a Chanel lipgloss, am just waiting to snap it up, bwuahaa *insert evil laugh* ).  With any luck, tomorrow might bring me the winning bids on a handbag ( a blatant and open Balenciaga rip-off ) and a little makeup bag (Dior – call me a label whore). Other priorities will be getting a Westwood credit card holder and purse.

 Bloody eBay. I am contemplating on a new challenge for myself. The original cunning challenge was wearing only black, but now I am tempted in attemptiong to get my accessories and doing new makeup discoveries from eBay only.. hmmm.  Cheaper and a hell of a lot more exciting than spending lost of money in shops, non?

I have just eBay-ed myself a Clinique Almost Lipstick in ‘Black Honey’. I have been trying to find the sodding thing for ages now, and with a simple click of my mouse, it is now on its way to me <3. Lovely. This particular lipstick is such a legend in its own right in certain circles, I have been hunting it for a while now. Finding it has been suprisingly different – well, if you’ve only searched in stores.

 I think I will give up on buying stuff from shops and just shop on eBay from now on :-D. I am sooo happy.

As a sideline – well, it isn’t as much of a sideline as it is a real comment/plan/thing-to-note, I am going to uphaul my wardrobe and stuff in general. Think of it is a bit of a personal re-vamp that I need. getting rid of clothes I no longer suit ot do not wear. Look at all the other stuff I have and see what I like and what i need. This eBay exercise is just about that. Finding stuff I like, finding what my real style is :-). Well, I do know what my real style is, really. It’s simple, it’s black, it relies on accessories and make-up to look different.

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PS: Update – got a mail from the vendor. The lipstick shall be on its way to me tomorrow, so may indeed have it before Friday. And I need it by that, I have people I need to make a good imoression to ;-). Wo-hoo!

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